The 3 Biggest Lies In Fitness Training



When someone says “personal training” do you think of the typical high price, 1 to 1 experience limited to a small percentage of the population that gyms SELL you the second you walk in the door?


You know what I’m talking about – you go in just looking to get a membership to have somewhere to workout and the sales guy is pushing $50-$100 per hour training sessions on you, asking for several thousand dollars up front.

They make you feel like it’s the ONLY way to get the results you want and that anything less won’t get you anywhere near your goals.

There’s some truth to this, but personal training is NOT (and should not) be a 1 on 1 experience that only the 1% has access to.

I’m going to show you how to get all the benefits of traditional 1 on 1 personal training while saving money and getting better results in the process.

Here’s The 3 Lies About Personal Training That The Fitness Industry Has Sold To You


Lie #1 Highly Technical Training Programs


Do you want to know the honest truth about how I’ve been able to help so many women consistently get great results from their training program?

I have a formula that I use consistently.

The interesting thing is that if you take 10 women who invest in our personal training program, more likely than not their training plan will look very similar.

I had a few trainers who worked in our training system that would get frustrated with this, but here’s the thing – you shouldn’t make something different just to make it different. They felt like it was “wrong” to give two members similar training programs, even if they had similar goals!

Personal training does NOT mean you re-invent the wheel every time someone walks in the door.

Think of it like a recipe – let’s say chocolate chip cookies in this example 🙂

You don’t start from scratch every time you bake, you run the plan or recipe. There’s a specific amount of ingredients you need to get a specific result. Now if the result you want changes, then the recipe changes – that’s it.

Maybe you have someone that’s allergic to one of the ingredients for your cookies, much like when someone has a pre-existing knee injury for example in fitness – you slightly tweak the recipe to get the desired result.

Maybe you use almond flour instead of white flour if they have a gluten allergy, right?

Realistically speaking it’s silly to think you re-create the wheel every time someone new walks in. There’s only a few reasons to modify or adjust the recipe in fitness, regardless if the goal is weight loss, endurance, etc.

Wouldn’t you agree that you wouldn’t know the result you would get from baking cookies if you adjusted the recipe every time? You might get lucky with a batch or two, but more likely than not you’ll find yourself with some pretty nasty cookies.

Don’t you hate bad cookies?

This is what happens with most “fully customized” fitness plans. You SOMETIMES get the result you want, wasting a lot of time, money and energy (that most of us don’t have to waste) doing things differently for the wrong reasons.


Lie #2 Personal Training Is 1 on 1

This is complete bullshit – there, I’ve said it and I’ve said it bluntly.

Let me give you an example of why this is BS and what personal training is really about.

Let’s take an example of a cooking class where your desired outcome is to cook food. The benefit you’re looking for is a skill, confidence in the practice and a deeper level of understanding of the process.

On day 1 it’s you and one other person in attendance for the session. You go through the process and walk away with knowledge and experience on how to bake cookies 🙂

On day 2 there’s a total of six attendees (they all heard how good your cookies were). This time, you have a better experience as there’s others working towards a common goal of making chocolate chip peanut butter caramel cookies.

You get to not only see and hear the perspective from others with a common goal, but you even learn from their mistakes.

Both days you got a result, but you received more value from the small group setting and shared perspectives.

Does that mean the cost of Day 1 vs. Day 2 should be different?

Absolutely not – in fact I find that there’s far more VALUE in the group of 6. You see, just because more people show up to learn how to bake cookies does NOT mean that the experience becomes of LESS value.

It actually becomes of MORE value as you can see. Where else are you going to have that same connection and experience.

This is exactly why we run our personal training in groups of 6. Running 1 on 1 sessions is a waste of time and money for everyone. Sure, we can save on the cost of the training session by running in a group, but the VALUE doesn’t disappear.

The cookies still come out great, if not better 🙂

This does NOT mean we’re doing a generic class – everyone still has their own training program, the difference is that everyone is training at the same time.

Lie #3 Low Cost Programs Are As Effective As Personal Training

When is the last time that you invested in a set of DVDs, cheap gym membership, short term groupon trial or some other low cost program and saw consistent, lasting change?

I’ve offered this in the past, but have come to terms that you can’t be cheap and be effective – the economics just don’t add up usually.

Either the quality of your experience suffered, your results were poor at best, or you ended up spending more than expected on stuff that WASN’T included in the budget option.

This is what happens when we go for the low-cost, low-commitment based option.

This is the problem with a lot of gyms that compete on low-cost, month-to-month memberships.

We get the instant gratification of feeling good about ourselves when we enroll, even though we never go. There’s also not nearly enough “pain” to cancel when we’re spending $30-$50 per month so we justify it by saying “It’s nice to have it as an option”.

This is why big gyms are so successful – they have THOUSANDS of people paying $30+ per month that DON’T go and also don’t cancel their membership.

The program you invest in should NOT be cheap – it doesn’t need to be EXPENSIVE per say, but it should be of high value.

If you’re investing less than $150-$200 minimum per month for a fitness program, you’re selling yourself short.

Sure it’s not exactly “cheap” to do personal training – but think of the price you’re really paying by staying uncommitted and in pain or discomfort physically and emotionally.

Usually this pain shows in…..

  • Our personal relationships and avoidance of social events
  • Self-worth and confidence as well as our self-image
  • Physical and mental exhaustion
  • Disease and ill health (which costs us more in the long run)
  • Time and connection with our family or kids

For a results-driven personal training program, you should plan to invest $300-$500 per month. If you’re starting out, this is the best way to go, you can always shift down to a lower cost option such as a bootcamp once you reach your weight loss goal if it’s unsustainable to budget at that rate long-term.

By investing in a high-value program that has proven results, you’ll find yourself saving time and money in the long run.

Remember, it’s an INVESTMENT and “cheap” should not be the goal, results should be.

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