20 Great Sources of Content for Trainers


By Taddeus McNeal.

In the last Week I have had the please of have conversations with several of my new clients, and they all had a common struggle…coming up with fresh meaningful content.

So I’m going to list 20 great places to help overcome this challenge.

  1. Existing books-quickly thumbing throw them can offer a treasure chest of ideas.
  2. Coaching or mentor calls– these conversations open the mind.
  3. Events– Attending trainings offer a ton of new ideas …take good notes.
  4. Webinars-Not all are good but often provide clues to what other are looking for.
  5. Podcast- Full of helpful content and are reoccurring. Great source
  6. Articles– Offer tons of Niche base ideas.
  7. Library/books– Reviews of books or updates of old practices work well.
  8. Past notes– Most people sit them on a shelve and forget great information they already have.
  9. What hot– TV, social media, radio etc. provide trendy topics…it just works
  10. Forums– often joining some will lead you to knowing what other are looking for. Great place to get feedback too.
  11. Guru’s social media– What are the GREAT ONES talking about?
  12. Guru’s blog– Amazing source. But PLEASE DON’T COPY VERBATIM. It will hurt your SEO
  13. Guru’s Sales Page– Let other know what you think of them…you my develop Partnerships.
  14. Clickbank– Find whats selling and piggy back ideas.
  15. Mag racks– Grocery stores have eye catching content at the counter.
  16. Billboards– I would not be up if it did not sell. Due to the cost, lots of testing led to that Ad.
  17. Hashtags– This tells you what people value or are seeing.
  18. Banner Ads– Use generally after lots of test… work for ideas starters.
  19. News feeds– Popular sources for the lasted market trends.
  20. Peers– Many times peers talk about relevant topic and bring good conversation full of ideas. But give them credit if needed.

I use all these things quite often for inspiration and its help me create TONS of content. This more than enough source to Never run out of content creativity.

I hope I prove you some serious value. If this help you in any way leave a Like or a comment. So many would be happy to hear from you.

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