#l Diet of Trainers

Good trainers often spend time with students and clients teaching them the proper way to nourish their bodies. But the nourishment of the mind is equally or sometime more important.


The best trainer find ways to nourish their own minds in preparation to feed the minds of those they lead. Once full, satisfied trainers are able to offer  the richest parts of themselves which activates the creativity to inspire and influence. Here is one of the most gifted speakers in the world (Les Brown) offering the keys to feeding the heart and mind the fuel need for greatness.

As trainer you must continually consume the high energy content to transfer the energy. In doing so we pleasantly infuse our students and clients with disdain  for not accomplishing goals.

Pushing other to become more than believed they are and watch them realize success satisfies a Hunger that no shake, diet, or meal plan ever will.




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