How To Find The Right Student

One of the things that makes a trainer pull their hair out is trying to coach the uncoachable. Many times we give people information and motivation on how to accomplish there goals and they for what ever reason WILL not follow through.

This is SUPER frustrating. Especially considering that they DESPERATELY need to lose weight, bring down blood pressure, prepare for a big event, or want to win the attention of their spouse back.

All very worthy goals but often times people may not be as serious about doing the work of change as they are about the IDEA of change. I have talk to countless personal trainers who wish they could work with students who were as committed to their own development as the trainer is.

This can be even worst if you are searching for students or leads online. Not targeting the right areas will produce half hearted looks and tire kicker.

I believe this video will help trainer find the hungry and committed people they are looking for.  Enjoy

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