3 Reasons To Be An Online Personal Trainers

  1. Total Control of your Time (Peace)-Online training allows you to completely control your time because you can reuse training and put it on a schedule. Once on a schedule it goes independent of you.

2. Allow Clients to receive training that best fits their schedule- Most of your                     clients and students will travel, need to miss a session, and sometimes work late.               NO PROBLEM, with an online training course they can resume training when they               find the time. A win win

3. Can Offer more Training-  Having digital products will let you STACK extra training         or teaching into a one session. So now you can add value by giving more content                 than your clients expected, likely leading to faster results. Again a win win


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How Personal Trainers Create Wealth


At one point in my training career I only focused on giving people the best I can of myself (thats a good thing). But I was not focused on creating a lasting business that could grow and flourish while I was asleep. My income came as a result of trading hours for dollars. Later after being burned out, I discovered what I’m teaching in this video. IT CHANGED MY LIFE…and I want to help you experience the same change.

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The 1 Thing That Always Makes Trainers Great


If you want greatness at anything…can’t quite

If your life means something…can’t stop

If you want change for the people around you…you change first

If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired…your actions will prove it

If average is ok for you…you don’t have to push yourself

If what you have been through means nothing…keep it to yourself

If you don’t want LEGEND STATUS…don’t be obsessed

Obsession is the separator




How To Find The Right Student

One of the things that makes a trainer pull their hair out is trying to coach the uncoachable. Many times we give people information and motivation on how to accomplish there goals and they for what ever reason WILL not follow through.

This is SUPER frustrating. Especially considering that they DESPERATELY need to lose weight, bring down blood pressure, prepare for a big event, or want to win the attention of their spouse back.

All very worthy goals but often times people may not be as serious about doing the work of change as they are about the IDEA of change. I have talk to countless personal trainers who wish they could work with students who were as committed to their own development as the trainer is.

This can be even worst if you are searching for students or leads online. Not targeting the right areas will produce half hearted looks and tire kicker.

I believe this video will help trainer find the hungry and committed people they are looking for.  Enjoy

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How To Maximize Training’s Income

Not to long ago a Mentor (Vince Reed) showed me that there were gaps in my business. Really they were giant holes that leak cash like crazy. He showed me some simple ways to plug the holes, saving me thousands of dollars. I don’t want you to make the same mistakes. DO YOU HAVE HOLE IN YOUR BUSINESS? This will help

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How Trainers Make $1000 An Hour

Great Advice from Super Star trainer Mike Rashid. Personal testimony of how his mindset and strategies become rewarding for himself and others.

Its Ok to start and the very bottom, Mike offers a process to make it to help you get to the top of this industry

The focus is always greater education, preparedness, and perseverance. In his starting days it wasn’t easy but here is  some of the thing need to succeed.